“They’re fast, they’re fun loving, they’re fearless, they’re nuts! By day, they’re the finest hot dogging freestyle skiers in the world. By night, they really take their chances. This is the motion picture comedy that’s proud to go downhill, fast; the movie that defies the forces of gravity, sanity, and good taste.” - promotional trailer voice-over

Hot Dog movie posterHot Dog… The Movie was released in January of 1984, during the height of the 80’s titty flick movement. Preceded that decade by the trendsetting Porky’s, and subsequently influencing Ski Patrol, Ski School, and even a South Park episode (ep. 603 - Asspen), Hot Dog was a lovable combination of gratuitous nudity, goofball comedy, stiff acting and dialogue (writer Mike Marvin fared much better as second unit director of the ski sequences, as well as producer of the ski sequences in Better Off Dead), stereotypical characters, sweet montages, cheesy, synthesized anthems, and some pretty rad-for-it’s-time hot-doggin’ freestyle ski footage, all filmed in Squaw Valley, near Lake Tahoe, California. Squaw was the hub of the US West Coast ski scene at the time, and the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, along with several of Warren Miller’s early 80’s ski films. It seemed a perfect location for filming the first R-rated extreme ski comedy. (Director Peter Markle must have had a sporting good time, as his next feature was the hockey flick Youngblood, with Rob Lowe.) With taglines such as “There’s more to do in snow than ski” and “Taste the sauce in… Hot Dog”, accompanied by a hot tubbin’, downhillin’, air blastin’, partyin’ promo poster, who wouldn’t have wanted to see this fuckin’ movie?!

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